Up to $200,000 with 1-4 month terms

3% to 6% *

Low fixed interest rates
based on whole contract Period


Get approved in as fast as 3 business days

How does it works



Submit your files


Negotiate and sign a paper contract


shipped by FCL/LCL



Pay according to contract terms

Do you qualify for finance?

Our minimum eligibilty criteria:

  • Over 18 year old
  • Registered company
  • You are a director/owner/partner of the company
  • Minimum annual turnover of $50000
  • +24 months trading history
  • No recent bankuptcies or tax liens

What we don't need:

  • No collateral needed for under $100K contract invoice
  • No appraisals, business plan or projections
  • No visit to your business
  • No costly appraisals or title insurance

One or more of the following information needed

Your VAT online credentials

Copies of your last 5 VAT payment returns

Your marketplace store credentials (e-commerce sellers only)

Business bank statements

Other files Amax need

Detailed Instructions

  • Only for order shipping by FCL/LCL
  • You can get credit up to US$200000
  • No any origination fee needed
  • Fixed monthly payments for more control over cash flow
  • 3-6% interest applies to deferred invoice payment
  • Fixed interest rate. you’re not charged interest for the entire payment - if you pay off early 
  • Most types of businesses, including Professional and Personal Services, Retailers, Contractors, Health & Wellness Providers, Automotive, Wholesalers, Manufacturers, Restaurants, and much more.
  • The buyer and seller need to sign a paper contract before processing the order if payment method is deferred invoice payment.
  • Normally we can give our customer up to 30/60/90/120 days payment credit, that means, you can pay in 30/60/90/120 days after our shipping date.
  • For order contract total amount less than US$50000, Invoice payments are subject to credit approval by Amaxbrand which may delay the shipment of your order up to 3-10 business days. We recommend paying via credit card to avoid delays when your order is needed by a certain date.
  • or order contract total amount more than US$50000, we need longer time up to 20 business days or more to assess the possibility.
  • No matter order more than US$50000 or less than US$50000, for one certain customer, this credit assessing is once-through assessing process only before the first order. From the second order, we do not need to assess it until the next 6 month.
  • Not all organizations can get the deferred invoice payment credit. We have the right to refuse any order.